Sunday, January 17, 2016

Literary Friday

I am currently reading How I Came to Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren. The title may fool you, Sparkle is a ski town in Colorado. I am on page 94, so far its okay but the writer likes to use profanity. I just never understand why an educated person cannot use more of their word knowledge to convey a point other than profanity. I would like this book a lot more if she could of use wit instead of cursing.
I am currently on a no book buying challenge for 2016. Currently I have not purchased any books, but I am keeping a list of books I would like to purchase:
1. Square Foot Gardening Cookbook by Mel Batholomew
2. Learning to Live in the Now
3. The Power of Discipline by Brian Tracey

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Art @ Home said...

Hi, Sweetie! I want you to know that I view your student portraits from time to time. I do appreciate your style!

No book buying in 2016, huh? That would be hard, but I've really gotten much better about checking books out rather than purchasing them. Our little local library is small, but I can have anything within the county sent over which is convenient. We're having a no spend January here in our family. We're only purchasing grocery items and that's it. So far so good! But I must confess that I received two books for Christmas and I've only read one of them! ;P

How I Came To Sparkle Again sounds like fun. I'd like to read it just because I love Colorado and skiing. :)

I get frustrated with profanity in books, too. I recently read one by Mary Kay Andrews, and it was full of it but only from these horrible characters. The nice ones didn't curse. Thanks for the heads-up...I don't understand why they do that, either.

Thanks for linking-up to Literary Friday! You've made my day!