Friday, January 22, 2016

Literary Friday: Currently Reading

 Literary Friday -The book I chose to read this week is called Amped by Daniel H. Wilson. I read his Sci-fi book Robopocalypse which I chose because of the title.
In Amped people are implanted with devices to help cure medical deficiencies, but as a result they become the strongest and smartest people. Pure humans become afraid of them and began to make laws against anyone who has a device.The plot is good but the profanity drops it down two stars for me.

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Art @ Home said...

You and I both have been plagued with books chock full of obscenities! UGH!

I haven't read any sic-fi in a long time……

BTW Your link didn't work from my page so I'm going to try to fix it!

BTW The Bullock House looks lovely!