Saturday, July 8, 2017

Journal Page: Sunday Face July 2nd

I use to post my Sunday Face but became too busy to keep posting them although I still draw one every Sunday.

Journal Page: July 5th

Another wonderful inspiration from Dietmar Temps from my daily journal.

Journal Pages: July 3rd

I journal daily with words and drawings. I thought I would share my illustrations. The words are for me only. The inspiration came from Dietmar Temps

Daily Face: July 6th

Friday is almost here!

Daily Face: July 5th

This didn't come out as happy as she looked.

Daily Face : July 4th

We had a good 4th with family and friends.

Daily Face: July 3rd

I'm jumping ahead I missed a lot of June went on vacation.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Daily Face:June 6th

Daily Face: June 5th

Daily Face: June 2nd

Daily Face; June 1

Daily Face: May 31st

Daily Face: May 30th

Daily Face: May 29th


Daily Face: May 26th

Why do some artist sketchbooks look perfect. Mine own is flawed.

Daily Face: May 25th

I am not happy with this one.

Daily Face: May 24th

Daily Face: May 23rd

Daily Face: May 22nd

Trying to catch back up. Work has really taken over my life.