Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paper 53 Portrait

I promise myself that I would post a Paper 53 portrait today. I've been working on this one for a few weeks, some features of her face were very hard for me to capture.

Daily Face: March 31

It's the last day of March and my to do list is very long. I'm so grateful for my little calendar, because it stares at me saying you didn't draw on me today

Monday, March 30, 2015

CED: Books - The City Mouse

My husband purchased this book "Come Follow Me" Poems for the very young. He was going to sell it on Amazon before I got my hands on it. I thought it had some good prompts to draw. One of my favorites as a little girl was The City and Country Mouse. So her are some attempts, that need a lot of tweaking.

Daily Face: March 30

Well Spring Break is over and it's back to work. I checked the school calendar and there are no more days off. Also there are no Teacher Planning days when staff comes to school but children stay home.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Face: I am Always Behind

I try to keep up with my Sunday faces. I always draw them just never post them on the same day. So once again I have a backlog. I'm not posting all of them, just the ones I like.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Blue Boy Watercolor

Blue is one of my favorite colors, in fact Blue was my maiden last name. I decided to do a watercolor and keep it simple.

Daily Face: March 26th & 27th and Gardening

The sun came out yesterday and I was so busy playing in the dirt that I forgot to post a daily face portrait. However today the sun is not out, so I'm not rushing to get outside. My Camilla bloomed and I made a bouquet, I made a trellis out of some cables my husband was throwing out. I used Honeysuckle vines to tie them together. My favorite new plant called a Angelina Creeper. I purchased last year at an estate sale. It survived the winter and now it is beginning to creep again.

Camilla Blooms

Made a trellis for my Clematis with optic cable and Honeysuckle vines

Angelina Creeper

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy to be me!

Last night I learned something about myself. I am not a person who can stick to one style of art. I like everything and my mood changes. So I'm going to stop trying to be like others and be myself as I have done with the rest of my life. Here is some of my art musings from yesterday and I'm happy.

Daily Face: Student Portrait March 24

My second day of Spring Break. The weather is not cooperating. I want sunshine so I can go play in the dirt.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Creative Every Day: Books

The CED theme for this month is books. I attempted a painting of the book jacket. It's called Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco. It is a story of compassion and hatred. It made my heart sad. I pray that we could learn to love as God intended.

New Sketchbook: The Cresent Rendr

My very first page in my Rendr Sketchbook by Cresent. I am excited to see if I can let go.They promote themselves as the sketchbook with the No Show Thru Paper.

Paper 53: Journal Page

Drawn with Paper 53
I did this at my friend Cathey's house while she finished cooking dinner. It's her centerpiece.

Finally Completed Sketchbook One

Finished Sketchbook
2008 Drawing
When I took the 2007 pledge to myself to start drawing again I picked up a sketchbook I purchased in 2006. I started drawing in it and thought the drawings were ugly. I wanted my sketchbook to look like those I saw on other artist blogs. So I stopped drawing in it and would only draw on loose paper because if I made a mistake I could throw it away. I gave the sketchbook to my daughter Zoe, who likes to draw also. Years later I found it in her room and it was the same as I gave it to her so I picked it back up again. Today I can say that it is finished. To see my first drawing click here Fairy. These are my final drawings.
2015 Drawing

2015 Drawing

Final Page

Daily Face: March 23 Spring Break

Although I am on Spring Break I have a student portrait for my calendar. I did the whole week Friday.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Daily Face: March 20

Today Spring begins and our spring break.

Sketchbook One: More Pages

A mother to love
Sitting quietly

I could really use a wish

Just playing around with sketching, trying to finish my sketchbook one.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Daily Faces: March 19

CED: Books- Art cover love

I love books and I challenge myself every year to try to read more books. This year my goal is 80 books. I like to include a variety of books including children's books. My husband said, "that is not a book."  "I told him that it is because you do have to read it." Although all my children are grown-up I still like the children's area. I usually pick books because of the art work, then the story. I picked up Maddy Kettle just for that reason. I love the art work. I usually check out the bio of the illustrator. Eric Orchard is from Canada and I found it interesting that he talks about his depression. I copied a small portion of his book cover featuring Maddy.

Back in the Flow: Sketchbook One

I struggle to complete my sketchbooks. Lately I've been obsess trying to complete my "Sketchbook One." My goal is to get it finished so that I can move on to some new sketchbooks I wanted to try with the no-bleed paper. Here are two of my sketches.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Face: Calendar

This student requested that I draw his picture on my desk calendar.

St. Patrick's Day

I had an extremely long day yesterday and when I sat down on the sofa I fell to sleep. So I didn't post my Calendar Illustration for March 17th.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekly Faces: Calendar Illo

Students had no school on Friday so no post. Today is Monday, March 16th

Sunday Faces: Not Keeping Up

I have a backlog of my Sunday Faces from my Worship Journal.