Monday, March 23, 2015

Finally Completed Sketchbook One

Finished Sketchbook
2008 Drawing
When I took the 2007 pledge to myself to start drawing again I picked up a sketchbook I purchased in 2006. I started drawing in it and thought the drawings were ugly. I wanted my sketchbook to look like those I saw on other artist blogs. So I stopped drawing in it and would only draw on loose paper because if I made a mistake I could throw it away. I gave the sketchbook to my daughter Zoe, who likes to draw also. Years later I found it in her room and it was the same as I gave it to her so I picked it back up again. Today I can say that it is finished. To see my first drawing click here Fairy. These are my final drawings.
2015 Drawing

2015 Drawing

Final Page

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