Friday, March 27, 2015

Daily Face: March 26th & 27th and Gardening

The sun came out yesterday and I was so busy playing in the dirt that I forgot to post a daily face portrait. However today the sun is not out, so I'm not rushing to get outside. My Camilla bloomed and I made a bouquet, I made a trellis out of some cables my husband was throwing out. I used Honeysuckle vines to tie them together. My favorite new plant called a Angelina Creeper. I purchased last year at an estate sale. It survived the winter and now it is beginning to creep again.

Camilla Blooms

Made a trellis for my Clematis with optic cable and Honeysuckle vines

Angelina Creeper


Karen Blados said...

Beautiful. We're just starting to get spring flowers, but then it's Ohio and we had snow on Friday. Thanks for the peek at Spring!

Karen Blados said...

Also, this is a great idea to start a daily drawing habit. I might be looking for a desk calendar like this tomorrow!