Thursday, March 19, 2015

CED: Books- Art cover love

I love books and I challenge myself every year to try to read more books. This year my goal is 80 books. I like to include a variety of books including children's books. My husband said, "that is not a book."  "I told him that it is because you do have to read it." Although all my children are grown-up I still like the children's area. I usually pick books because of the art work, then the story. I picked up Maddy Kettle just for that reason. I love the art work. I usually check out the bio of the illustrator. Eric Orchard is from Canada and I found it interesting that he talks about his depression. I copied a small portion of his book cover featuring Maddy.

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Danielle M said...

Very nice artwork. I love children's books because of the illustrations. I have a few in my collection.