Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Love Anthropologie

 I was an ATL and had an opportunity to visit another one of my favorite stores Anthropologie. All the things a woman like me likes, books, home decor, clothing, and accessories. As you know I love to collect blue and white dinner ware, they have a more modern twist on it. They also had some books that I want to read. Alan Katz is an artist who does very simple paintings mostly of his wife. Humans of New York is a great blog, which has turned into a book, and you can never have too many decorating books "Absolutely Beautiful Things" I snapped a page so you could get a glimpse. Click on store pics for a better view.

Daily Face: September 30, 2015

I think I made her eyes too far apart.  If I can capture a true likeness of a students eyes the illustration will look more like them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily Face: September 25th, 28th, & 29th

Monday I had to laugh at myself: I called a parent to let them know that their child had a fall but he was okay. I had to leave a message because no one answered phone. So I was explaining what happened, I left the school phone number than I said in Jesus name as though I was closing a prayer. Then I caught myself before I said Amen. I closed the phone call. Then I burst out laughing because somehow I thought I was praying. The clerk said she heard me and was wondering what I was doing. I just laughed so hard. I always send home an accident report form home when I'm unable to contact parents, on the form I explained about my weird closing of message, I just had been in a prayerful state of mind the entire day. When I got home I told my husband, we had a good laugh. So if you need a good laugh just imagine.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Daily Face:September 24th

I think this picture is a redo.
Today I went to turn in some work I did on my computer and it was gone. I felt like crying. I had to redo it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daily Face: September 23rd

Today is the beginning of the most wonderful time of year. I love autumn. It always reminds me of being young, walking to school, playing in leaves, enjoying a good book in the brisk air, putting on my favorite sweaters, and playing with my friends.
"FYI" Yeahhhh! I passed a important test.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Reads: A Growing Gardener

I've had this book on my shelf for a while. Although I would glance at the wonderful illustrations by the author I've just recently picked it up to read. Abbie makes you want to see her garden, and look up people like the plant-man. I really enjoyed this gardening book. And I did look up the people she mentioned. It shows that life moves on and you cannot know the future.
However take a look inside, she has these little mini book pages inside. She is a wonderful artist.

Daily Face; September 22nd

Monday, September 21, 2015

Look Jane, see Ikea!

 My husband and I went to Ikea. I could spend the whole day there. I love to see how they set up the rooms. I took a few pictures for all of the people I know who have never been to Ikea. Can you believe my only reason for going is because they have these boxes that I love to store my purses in. I needed more boxes for my new purses. Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Ikea Picture

Ikea Picture

Daily Faces: 16th,17th, 18th & 21st

 I had to go away for a few days. My dad was in the hospital, he fell and had to have surgery, fluids pushing on his brain. He's doing better out of ICU talking and eating.
I forgot how tiring waiting in a hospital could be. After I got back I felt like I ran a marathon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Daily Face: September 15th

Today was a good day. My husband and I did a short run. I accomplished more than I expected to at work today. My evening class we had a guest speaker who served as a nurse in Afghanistan and Iraq. She was so passionate about being a nurse. She has been in the field for 30 years. Her greatest statement was, "Don't ever loose your compassion." She was a very moving speaker.

What's Blooming

 Have you ever seen a ginger bloom. That's  what you see in this first photo. A older sister from the congregation I attend gave me some of her ginger root which I planted a couple of years ago. This is the first time it has bloom.

Daily Face: September 14th

Monday, Monday, Oh how I would love to stay home and indulge myself with reading, art and gardening. I would not lay in, sleeping the day away, because that is not who I am. Days at home should be enjoyed with your loves and your love ones.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Just a little Doodle

 I did this little doodle on a scrap of paper. She looked cute enough to post on Show Your Face