Thursday, January 7, 2016

Daily Face: January 7th

I had a wonderful run this morning. Although it was chilly it was exhilarating. I am thankful that I can wake up at 5 am and run with my husband. The air was so crisp and cool.
Work had a nice slow pace, after I completed my task I was able to get some reading in. I am reading a very good book called Mastering Life. Even though I am in my 50's I still want to be better and pleasing to God. It's never too late to keep working on yourself and aspiring to reach new goals.
Two of my goals are to only wear the clothing I have, no new purchases for 2016, and no new book purchases. It's only been seven days and I saw a wonderful top I would like to have, I did not give into the temptation although it was quite hard.I need to find a goal scale to see how many days I can last.

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