Saturday, January 30, 2016

Literary Friday: Doubled Booked

It's Literary Friday and I am doubled-booked for this week of reading I chose Mr. and Mrs. Prince the true story of a remarkable pre-Civil War African-American family, as well as the challenges that faced African-Americans who lived in the North versus the slaves who lived in the South. Mr. and Mrs. Prince moved out of slavery to owning their own land. Lucy Prince was the first African-American Poet. Abijah Prince served in the French and Indian War. They own land when people of their race in the south and north were still slaves.
Reading about slavery is always hard, so I chose a mystery to go along with it, called Niceville by Carsten  Stroud. Something is wrong in Niceville, evil lurks. It begins with the disappearance of a young boy.  who literary vanishes in front of surveillance camera while looking through a mirror.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing two books I do not know. I have read a number of books on slavery because I am so interested in ways this nation is still paying for such atrocities from over 150 years ago. After reading "Just Mercy" and then "Slavery by Another Name" I have come to realize how and why we are still dealing with racist issues and racial inequalities. Yes, I am so sure it is hard reading for you because it is hard for me and I am white. I am sorry that we cannot see the beauty in each person that God created and see each other as His creations.
Thank you for being "double-booked: and my neighbor at Literary Friday.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda
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Art @ Home said...

These both sound like excellent selections (and very different). I would love to read both! I was reading today about a new book written by Lena Horne's daughter(Gail Lumet Buckley) about their family history. It's entitled The Black Calhouns, and I know descendants of both the black family and white family in this story.

I'm putting all three books (The Black Calhouns, Mr. and Mrs. Prince, and Niceville) on my Goodreads Want To Read list.

Thanks for linking-up to Literary Friday!