Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CED: Sunday Night

I thought I turn my favorite TV show into frogs. Earl of Grantham: Earl Robert Crawley, Lady of Grantham: Countess Cora Crawley & Dowager Countess Violet Crawley.

 So I'm one of those Downton Abbey fans. A Masterpiece Classic that comes on Sunday's @ 9pm on PBS. It's the fictional story that follows the lives of an aristocratic family and servants during the reign of King George V. My husband says it's just a soap opera. I try to explain that its a little more than that, its a era in time that is so different from today, the period clothing, the acting, but I have to admit episode 6 was a little too over dramatic. At least I have some type of drama to watch. I don't watch much TV since they took off Law and Order: original, Criminal Intent, and LA. I'm not into the SVU episodes. I miss TV the way it use to be. One of my all time favorites was 30-something from the late 80's.

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