Monday, February 6, 2012

CED- Night

Walking in the night forest. I have a lot of ideas for night, but I am not always good at putting it on paper. The white birch trees help to light up the forest at night.

What to Wear
Once again I used a dress as my top. At first I had on a straight leg pant that was fitted, but it look like I was trying to look too young. So I switched to a wide legged pant with a medium heel patent leather boot. ( I purchased the boots for my daughter who was not with me at the time, I thought she would like them. NOT! So I kept them for myself). That was my daytime look. Then for Bible study I change to my red leather high boot. These boots make me feel rich, because it is cooler at night I added the black flyaway sweater. 
I find as I get older I don't want to cross the line of looking like I'm trying to be twenty but I do still want to be stylish.


Carol L McK said...

Love the trees ~ awesome and your illustrations are excellent ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/CED

karmacoy said...

Very beautiful images!!
So glad I followed your link from CED!

pauline said...

You were good at putting THIS one on paper. :-) I love your birch trees... and of course, the fashion illustrations are always a treat! :-) xoxo