Friday, January 7, 2011

IF: Deja-Vu:The Librarian

Have you ever met someone for the first time but had seen them in your dreams.
In another life I might have been a librarian, but then again the one's that I have met don't actually read a lot of books,go figure?


studio lolo said...

it's always a bit freaky to me when I swear I know a person I've just met.

Some of them, it was enough meeting them onec ;)!

I like the drawing~very librarian-ish!

neverblueagain said...

I find it strange taht someone can be so familiar to you and yet be so unfamiliar. I am very good with faces and details about faces its scary sometimes! but I can never remember names and yes, I agree studio lolo it was enough meeting them once! LOL! I love the mysterious feel your paintings have.

Sandy Coleman said...


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Coreopsis said...

Yes, and it's an odd sensation. Sometimes I'll even say that I feel like I've met them before, but it sounds very freaky.

All the librarians I know read TONS. I love reading, but would hate to be a librarian.

I really like your painting.

neverblueagain said...

I am having the hardest time doing noses for some reason. I am looking at yours and it looks like maybe you are using a feathering technique once you find your position on the face??? I always have that problem with noses. I guess I just need to keep practicing.

Indigene said...

I think that's the next best job after being an artist! Cool contrast!