Thursday, January 13, 2011

Asked to Danced

"Asked to Dance" is the name of this creation. I was attempting a different angle. I couldn't get the shoulders right. This young lady has finally be asked to dance. She is looking up at the young man who asked her. I know that this probably does not fit today's society, girls don't wait to be asked or don't need to be asked.


neverblueagain said...

I like the way you have her looking up as if she is "shy" but "obliging" at the same time. Nice tones and that red just blends in perfectly with the skin tone. Oh! and by the way I still would wait to be asked to dance cause I can't dance that well. This way I know I won't be standing out there looking silly by myself! LOL!

take care.

Anonymous said...

fantastic perspective, i love that! really gripping expression. this one hits me hard.

Fourborne said...

Thank you for the beautiful comments.