Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Painting A Larger Picture

My painting has improved more than I expected it to in 2008. I have done several 11 x 14 paintings and one 18 x 24, which I am quite happy with. For example my painting I call "Sitting in the Orange Room". I was so confident with this painting that I framed it and gave it to my youngest sister for Christmas. So I thought I was ready for a larger canvas. My attempts are not as pleasing to me. My 1st painting of a large tree did not turn out the way I envision it. I tried several things to try to improve it. Alas I gave up. I painted over it to paint "Three Sisters in Unity" although it is not finish I am still not happy with it. I hung it up in my living room to see if it would look right but I am not happy with it either. My family doesn't think I should paint over it. But I think I should be happy with a painting if I plan to display it. Are you always happy with your own paintings?

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Xovika said...

This one is great! Lovely!