Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Blooming & Garden Tools Hangout

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 I love to garden and play it the dirt. I have not always been a fan of succulents but they are growing on me. My friend gave me a piece of her stick plant. Recently I went to an estate sale and purchased the donkey tail plant. It was calling me to save it.

Stick Plant in the back

Donkeys  Tail

So what's blooming? I planted peppers for my husband. I however do not care for my tongue to be on fire, I prefer a little spiciness.
The other day as I was looking out the car window I spotted a beautiful garden. I wondered why my garden did not look like that, then it hit me, they had more vibrant pinks in their garden so I added a new pink perennial and I love it. "Belleza Dark Pink Gaura" also the Mardi Gras Helen's Flower is blooming.
Belleza Dark Pink Gaura
Mardi Gras Helen's Flower

 Garden Tool Hangout

 While at an estate sale I saw a brass fireplace set. I didn't need another for our fireplace, but I really liked the way it look. I was wondering how I could re-purpose it when I had a great idea. I could use it for my garden tool hangout. Also the broom and other accessories could probably also be used some way in my garden. Now whatever area I'm working in I will have tools in reach and I won't have to lay them down and forget where I put them.
Brass Tool Hangout

Cast Iron Tool Hangout

 If you want to find different whimsical garden decor  try estate sales. I purchased this garden planter for $15. It was in a greenhouse. I planted it with different herbs. You can't tell but it has three draws and of course the shelving on the bottom. I decided to place my tin blue and white plates there since I have it outside on my patio. Also the white lace tower is from another estate sale, it was a set of three for $5. The picture below is from a book I'm reading called Passalong Plants by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing. My husband says it looks like trash but I would love to visit this garden.

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