Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sketch a Day and Gardening

I read an article that stated that soil has a natural antidepressant called Mycobaterium vaccae. No wonder I feel so good when I'm playing in the dirt. The sketch is from my Sketch- a-day Sketchbook which I stopped using because of  the very cheap paper (it bleeds).
 I had my husband to start picking up pallets for me. I am determined to build my green house and start a pallet vegetable garden. I've chosen an area in my yard. I love what Mavis Butterfield of One Hundred Dollars a Month does with pallet gardening. Also I found a cute greenhouse from Apartment Therapy Gardening. Its not too big or too little. And for extra inspiration I posted more flowers from yard and garden.

Inspiration for pallet garden

Inspiration for green house

Side view

Quick layout of my garden plans

Bearded Iris
Lady Banks Climbing Rose

Pretty Purple flower?

The large flower pot on left has strawberries

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