Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daily face: April 8 and Serafina

 Today was hectic and slow at the same time. I worked a illustration for 2 hours last night hoping to post it today but it it looked horrible, so I have to keep working on it.
I finally finished a book called Serafinas' Promise by Anne E. Burg. I gave this book 5 stars because there are words that struck my heart and touched my life where I am at currently. That's what I love about reading, when a writer can touch your emotions with words. I am Serafina,  that's what reading this book made me feel. Here are the words from Julie Marie to Serafina about being jealous "Manman says everyone has their own path. And everyone's path has both flowers and thorns."

 I am officially at 20 books read for the year. You can follow my Goodreads challenge. I plan on reading 80 books this year.

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