Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Thrift Store Finds

Digging for treasures
I love to go thrifting. It's the art of finding that treasure at a very low cost. Sometimes nothing calls me to take it home and then there are days when everything is calling. However deciding what really needs to go home and what doesn't is the hard part. I don't believe in clutter therefore it must have a purpose. My most recent adventure lured me into buying Christmas décor. As I stated before in a previous post. I walk around and take pictures then I decide what to take home. Here are a few of my thrift store photos:
Jewelry Cabinet $34 "New"

Silverware Cabinet $59. I regretted not buying this. Someone else purchase it.

2 B & W Prints $39 each

This is what I came home with for Christmas.

I actually had been eyeing bank for weeks.

My daughter always wanted one

Jewelry cabinets usually run around $75 at thrift stores.

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