Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dining in Blue and White

I love to have a set dining table, even if its just my family. I love Blue and White china. I have some new pieces, some antique, Spode, and Waverly. I just mix it all in. I recently had some of my Church family come to Sunday dinner.  I thought everything went great. Fun , food, and fellowship. Then we watched football. Here's a pic of table. Also a picture of my buffet.
Here are some other table settings that I like too that are not blue and white.
Local shop

Local shop

Pottery Barn

 When I am out bargain hunting an item is not picked because it's blue and white. They have to speak to me. When I am walking around I take a photo of what called me. Then I make a choice of what I can't live without and it has to have a purpose, it cannot just be pretty but functional.
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This is an ashtray, but I use it for succulent plants.

I changed the hideous shade on this lamp.


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