Tuesday, January 31, 2012


January 26 outfit. I wore a Hollister white tee with my wide-leg dark blue jeans. I like these jeans because you have to look at them closely to see that they are jeans. Great for work.
That evening we had PTA/Open House at my daughters high school. I put on my dark blue dress with stripes over jeans & tee. Whenever I wear this dress I'm using it as a jacket, most people ask me what is it? To me its whatever I want t to be. That is how fashion goes if you can pull it off. You just have to have confidence when you do your own thing.


Sandy Coleman said...

You must have been the most fashionable parent there. :-)

pauline said...

This is so cool.... I would SO wear this dress/jacket thingie. :-) And you had to be the coolest mom at the meeting! Yes, you got it. It's ALL about having confidence to wear what you want. Love it. xoxo
ps: i love your writing!