Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finally a book worth reading

Mice by Gordon Reece. I came across this book thinking it was really about mice. I didn't read the jacket cover. I just dived in. I haven't had a good read in such a long time. The  beginning is very good a little dark, but interesting.
Shelley and her mom have been menaced long enough. Excused from high school where a trio of bullies nearly killed her, and still reeling from her parents' humiliating divorce, Shelley has retreated with her mother to the quiet of Honeysuckle Cottage in the countryside. Thinking their troubles are over, they revel in their cozy, secure life of gardening and books, hot chocolate and Brahms by the fire. But on the eve of Shelley's sixteenth birthday, an unwelcome guest disturbs their peace and something inside Shelley snaps. What happens next will shatter all their certainties-about their safety, their moral convictions, the limits of what they are willing to accept, and what they're capable of.

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Ginger Zuck said...

enSounds very interesting. Sometimes I like DARK ,but have to be in the mood. I'll definitely put on my read list. Thanks