Saturday, November 5, 2011

AEDM - Face 14: Too Tied Up

I'm too tied up with things. I really want to post everyday. It's 11:07 pm justing getting a chance to post.


Linda Ghostwriter said...

Like It!

B said...

Oh good grief! I love your work!! Found you via AED. I can't visit every participant so I'm visiting the ones who post before and after me (You - up late too, huh?!), in spot #43 (my age!) and #7 (just a good number!) This is one of the things I love about AED.... finding kindred spirits like you!Love your Modigliani painting.... I love him! Thanks for the tip on the book and the movie. I did a few painting in his style, too.

I will definitely bookmark your site and be back to see your work! Blessings! B.