Monday, March 28, 2011

Currently Reading & Devastation

I am currently reading 2 books Dear James and Prayers for Sale. Prayers for Sale has been more interesting so I've been reading it more. The story takes place in the high country of Colorado during the Great Depression. A young woman named Nit Spindle has suffered a great lost and comes to the house with a sign posting "Prayers for Sale." Hennie Comfort an eighty-six year old widow owns the house with the sign. She prays the prayer that Nit has requested and becomes interested in this young woman. They form a bond despite their age difference. Hennie shares stories about her life, hardships and secrets, I haven't finished it yet but I hope to finished it this week.
My beloved Books-a-Million is closing where I live. They lost the lease on the building. They do not have a new location or any idea if they are going to relocate. My husband and I were devastated. There is a Barnes & Noble here but its not an a convenient place. We have always been loyal to BAM. All of the store clerks know us, the barista's start our coffee when they see us get out of the car. I am really going to miss this store. Books and coffee, two loves of my life.

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