Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CED - New Face

I've been working on a new face. I've always wanted to have a signature look or character that is mine, so this year I finally illustrated one that I like. I've completed several drawings some are a WIP. I'm excited about it. It's simple I know but I like the possibilities


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

These are cute. I really like the third one...either she is trying not to laugh, or trying not to tell a very big secret. They are all wonderful!!! I would like to have stationary with some of them on there.....;D

Sloane said...

I like them..definaetly a lot of possibility. The long neck in the top one makes me think of Modigliani. The laughing girl is fun and the one with the eyeglasses is cute and quirky.

neverblueagain said...

these are nice! you are developing your own style. I agree with Ricki these would be great on stationary. Thank you again for your advice on painting noses. I have had an issue with that for yrs and I can honestly say I am liking the new way they look now. Take care.