Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Painting - Snow Joy

Yeah! I went in my studio and painted on a Monday Night. I didn't watch the football game because if I want more time to paint I will have to make time for it.
This current painting is called Snow Joy. As a child I loved the snow. I lived up North and I can remember sleigh rides, snowball fights, and of course making snowmen. When I was a teenager I loved to sit in the upstairs window and watch it falling. I live in Colorado after I was married, the snow was so beautiful in the morning before it was touched by humans and their machines. I didn't mind walking my children to school in the morning. But sad to say I live in Georgia now it's not a place where you know snow will fall. We did get snow briefly the beginning of January 2009 and it brought back all the wonderful "snow joy".

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