Saturday, December 12, 2009

Painting - Coming of Age

"This painting depicts 2 girls coming of age. It was a special occassion and their mother allowed them to wear black.
I am the mother of 4 daughters. I tell everyone that I have 2 generations my first two are 26 and 22 the second generation are 15 and 13. My second generation is coming of age. While I was together with my family for the holidays my sister said that she couldn't get over how shapely my 13 yr old daughter has become. She wears a size 3 but she does have a figure. I never looked like that when I was 13. My nickname was "Bones" I would tell my firends that "thin was in" and they would reply,"but skinny is out.

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Liza Hirst said...

This is beautiful! You captured their posture so well!