Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Review

This is the 1st book I've read for 2008.
For my own personal challenge I decided to try to illustrate something from the book. This book was interesting. A little perverse for my taste in some areas but I had read to far to stop reading. My illustration doesn't have any blood because that's not my thing. The story takes place in 1700's and is written by Diana Gabaldon.
Magruder was waiting for them outside the shed, with one of his constables. "My lord." Magruder inclined his head, looking curiously at Grey "What happened to-" "Where did you find her?" Grey interrupted. "In Saint James's Park," the constable replied. "In the bushes by the path." "Where?" Grey said incredulously. Saint James's was the preserve of merchants and aristocrats, where the young, the rich, and the fashionable strolled to see and be seen. Magruder shrugged, slightly defensive. "People out for an early walk found her or rather, their dog did." He stepped back, ushering the soldiers ahead of him through the door to the tack room. "There was considerable blood." ......"Think it's the same?" Quarry asked, watching him. "The dress, I mean. You've an eye for such things."

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RetroAlchemist said...

Having read Gabaldon's Outlander series (which I loved!), I was worried that books featuring Lord John Gray wouldn't measure up. Okay, and I was a little afraid of their being "a little perverse," too. Outlander was wonderfully written, fully realized characters, clever, romantic, engaging in every way . . . and "a little bit perverse." Nevertheless, I think Gabaldon may be my all-time favorite contemporary author.