Saturday, March 10, 2007

EDM #4

Don't be too harsh. I need these challenges. My cup purchased @ Books-A-Million 9 years ago. Irreplaceable! My friends think that I'm strange but I love my coffee cup. It's called my right hand and I never leave home without it. My daughters can verify this. I have been known to disregard the fact that I might make them late for school because I had to turn the van around and go back home to get my coffee cup. (I know its a mug but cup sounds daintier :)

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ann said...

That speaks to me---I have a stainless steel mug bought ten years ago and there's nothing else in the world for my coffee in the morning--it's all dents, and the plastic cushion on the bottom is gone because I melted it in the microwave one semi-conscious morning.
I like your work!