Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome to My Home and School Office

 Welcome to my home and work office. I thought I would share a few fall photos before October is over. I'll start with my school office. I like to use pop-up cards to decorate my desk. Each year I make the tall tree on the wall and have students write what they like most about fall.

Pop-up Card

I decorated my skeleton

Pop-up card 
 Welcome to my home. Here are just a few of my fall decor photos. I used to have four of these little pumpkins.  One for each daughter, but one year when I was putting them away I broke one. It hurt me that I did that. I still have it, thinking I'll glue it back together. I'm using my vintage Lenox China to set the dining room table. I made some Northern Bean and spinach soup for my husband and I to enjoy. Then its off for a good nights sleep. Hopefully I'll get to dress my bed one year like the Anthropologie bedroom with some darker colors.

Front Entrance
Foyer entrance little pumpkins


Vintage Lenox China

End the day with homemade soup

My Master Bedroom

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