Thursday, June 4, 2015

No Drawings or Reading: Unexpected Life Interruptions

I'm sure in everyone's life at some point in time you have a life interruption were you only function at minimal capacity. Carrying out your daily routine of work and home. That's what happen to me. I'd made plans, expected to complete challenges for myself then boom! So I'm getting myself back together. Here are a few student portraits to try to catch back up with my daily face drawings. Although school is out here, I planned to keep drawing them.


Art @ Home said...

I hear ya! I felt that way this entire school year after homeschooling Shelley. We were so busy! But it was worth it. She has made great progress!

LOVE the student portraits. :)


Amanda Colouring In said...

I totally get this! I actually just logged into my blog (and having a look at blogs I follow) for the first time since October last year! I used to draw everyday and now I draw maybe once every couple of months! And because I'm not drawing regularly I find that when I do I feel like I've forgotten how to draw! I love your faces btw. Can I ask what is the pen/shade you are using for your skin tones - on the drawings from 14th-21st please?