Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Flesh is as Grass

Today I went to Barnes and Noble, look through some of my favorite magazines, became inspired, became frustrated with myself, and practiced drawing. Then I went back to one of my old sketchbooks picked out a drawing that I was afraid to add color to and this is the result. I colored the leaves, dress, and face with markers, then scanned it, colored the background in Photoshop. I am pleased!

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Anonymous said...

This is inspiration for me. Like you, I am self-taught. When I see someone being brave, pushing themselves, challenging themselves, and having such success, such effect, it is empowering. Thank you for daring. And (I am so sorry this is going to rhyme) for sharing.
I think that illustration looks fantastic, and I would never know that you had hid from it, struggled with it. It is very generous to share that something was difficult for you. I always assume everything comes easily to everyone but myself.