Friday, March 28, 2014

CED: Transitioning Girls

Illustration A
Being the mother of four girls I know about transitioning. When your daughters think they are older and ready to transition into young ladies. I remember when I was sixteen, I thought I was such a grown-up and new what was best for me. NOT! However when we are young we think we have experienced enough of the world to make choices. As I was drawing these pictures this is what came to mind.(ill. A)When your daughter thinks she is old enough to wear really high heels. For me it was my 8th grade. (ill. B) When you know that your husband is not going to approve of the hotty shorts, that your daughter is trying to convince you to buy. When I was 18 I had some really short shorts, that I would totally disapprove of now as mom. (ill. C) When your mother tries to dress you in something you hate. I never disapprove of any of the clothing my mother purchased, but I hated the way she would style my hair.

Illustration B

Illustration C

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Naomi C Robinson said...

So true and funny, great illustrations, I'm digging your style.