Monday, May 27, 2013

House Hunting Woes

My husband and I have been looking for another house for almost a year. Recently after watching in the Company of Men with Ben Affleck we decided to ditch the house hunting idea. I was content on updating our 3bed/3bath 1800 sq. ft. home. However my husband caught the bug again. He found another home 2300 sq. ft. 4bed/ 3bath with 2 car garage (which we currently don't have).  Before I even saw it I told myself that I would hate it, but I didn't. What sold me was the master bath and kitchen. Also to top it off  I will have a larger studio 8ft x 5'10. It is still unfinished, no flooring and only 1 shelf, but that means I can make it all my own. But the woes are, the house did not appraise for what the seller was asking and he is being unreasonable with trying to burden us with additional cost to make up his lost. Hopefully we will know something this week.

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This is a good one!