Friday, December 28, 2012

IF: New

Illustration Friday-New

After I turned 40  I learned something new. I took violin lessons for two years. I had always wanted to learn to play an instrument. I loved learning to play. This illustration commemorates that memory. You never should let yourself get too old to try new things.


Coreopsis said...

I started playing fiddle when I was 42. I'm 49 now, and play in a Scandinavian folk dance band. I never never would have imagined that a person could pick up an instrument at my age and actually get good enough to play dance music, but alas.

It is very very good for us adults to take up new things. I am also a teacher, and having learned a stringed instrument now gives me much more of an understanding of what I am asking my students to do.

Nice illustration!

chelle hanna said...

I took up the fiddle when I was 44- been at it a year now. My pup now longer howls, and someday, maybe i will feel strong enough to be public....
Your illustration is lovely!