Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book #58

So we are almost at years end and I'm attempting my goal of 60 books read for 2010. This morning I at 5am I could not get my husband out of the bed to go running so I finished reading a novel called Christmas Letters by Lee Smith. I meant to read it before Christmas. It's a collection of Christmas letters spanning three generations.
I'm sure that you've probably received one of those end-of-the-year summaries. I tend not to like these letters because everything sounds so perfect and I don't know about your life but mine can get pretty messy and I feel like a hypocrite if I only report the good stuff, especially when there's so many other things are pressing on my heart. I know that everyone will say but who wants to hear about your child struggling in school and the expensive tutors and all the parent involvement is not helping and how your child's self esteem is lowering because they are trying. No one wants to hear that.
I actually liked the book and all of the letters were not "my family is perfect and yours is not." It was a little corny but I'm okay with corny. I have 1 more book to go and I will finish reading Revelations on the 31. I always read through the entire Bible every year and I count it as 1 book which will give me a total of 60. I haven't decided what my goal for 2011. I usually try to do an increase but I don't know if I can make it to 65.

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neverblueagain said...

Finally someone who gets it! I came across your blog as I was scrolling through different pictures on google. As I read your profile I just knew we shared a lot of things!I too am a self taught artist who has a husband that is a true artist that inspires me daily. My passion is writing because that's all I have ever been aquainted with until I decided to expand my horizons. I also love love love! my Iphone and I cannot go a day without reading. I sometimes read six books in one week and I think that comes from the writer in me looking for new ideas. I also have four kids my oldest being eighteen and rebellious. I would love for us to become friends as I intend on doing some more paintings and posting and maybe you could tell me what you think. I get so tired of writing which was the reason for the blog. Thank you for reminding me that anything is possible. Take care.