Thursday, April 17, 2008

Emotional Slump

I was in an emotional slump this week. I was actually failing until I watched the free version of iTunes True Life on my ipod touch. At the end of this episode they showed a soldier recovering from severe injures from Iraq. He lost both of his legs and an arm. His words touched me "Don't take things for granted, things could be a lot worse." It really makes you think.
Well my illustration is of a little ballerina who didn't get the part she wanted and is very sad sitting by the window


kris said...

that's really the only show on that channel i'll watch. i'm laughing with the people when they are, and low when are. thank you for the ballerina who didn't make the cut. way more interesting than the ones in boring happy paintings.

Bee said...

Very emotional piece. I think it is the failures in life that allows us to fully enjoy the victories, thank you for sharing with us.