Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is over!

I am sorry to admit that I have lost that loving feeling for Christmas this year.I think that the idea of buying presents has really lost favor with me. Do people buy the presents because they love the person? Do they feel like they have to purchase presents? Even for people they are not on an intimate level with? I asked my children not to buy me anything because there was nothing that I really needed or wanted. Does this mean I'm a scrooge? I did buy presents for my family and friends.
It took me awhile before I decorated the Christmas tree. After I had the tree up I think a little of the spirit hit me, but not enough to have a big Christmas party.
My children think of the party as a family tradition so I compromised and had a small dinner party. I really enjoyed having people who we are close to over. It meant alot more to me then have a large group over. Christmas seems like it is put upon you so fast. As soon as Halloween is over you hear Christmas music.
The thing I will remember most about this Holiday is the hiking trip in the mountains of Georgia with my daughters. It was so beautiful to be out in nature. To just take it easy and not rush about. I'm hoping before Christmas break is over we can go again.

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