Thursday, April 19, 2007

EDM # 39 - Toothbrush

My new toothbrush still in the original box :) Do you remember changing your toothbrush so much when you were little? (for those over 35) I can't remember how many times I got a new one growing up. Now when the blue fades on the bristles it is time to say good bye. Do you ever wonder why some people don't throw away their old toothbrushes. They have a cup full of frayed brushes. What's so hard about throwing them away. If you want to reuse them place them somewhere else like under your sink or in your shoe cleaning supplies box. If you would like to read a good book on on taking care of your teeth I recommend Tooth Fitness by Thomas McGuire,DDS. Do you know that more women have dreams of their teeth falling out then men. Once I had a dream that I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror and I pulled out one of my teeth then one by one they started to fall out. I was so happy it was a dream!

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