Monday, February 12, 2007

Am I?

Phases of my race I remembered being Negro. On my birth certificate it says Colored. In the 70's when I referred to a teacher as being Colored my friends' older sister enlightened me that we were Black. Now I teach my children African American. I often wonder if it will change again. Am I?


studio lolo said...

Wow! I can't imagine going through different labels for my 'race.' I grew up in inner city Boston in the fifties and of course you were called the worst of things back then by some of the more ignorant people. I like the progression though, don't you? I was shocked a couple of years ago when I visited my elderly Uncle in Canada. He has a black (African American) friend and when he talks about him to me, he says "his colored fella friend." I think people get stuck in their generational thinking. When I mention one of my friends of color, I just say their names. What does race have to do with any of it? Nice post, my dear :)

Don said...

To answer the question posed in the illo, I believe you would fall under the label "human." I wish we could all just drop the labels. We can remember our roots without being labeled by them. I've yet to see anyone who does NOT have colored skin... I suppose an albino might come close. ;-)

BTW, I really like your bog's header graphic. I'm not sure if there's any deeper meaning behind it or not, but it intrigued me.

arvindh said...

This is powerful. It is sad that minorities everywhere grapple with this issue.