Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Self Portrait w/no face

I made a portrait of myself but was not please with it. If you are interested in seeing what a mess I made visit my tumbler Fourborne on paper. So I erased it and did this no face portrait which I like.
Made with Paper 53

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday Face April 27 and Paper 53

I did not take my time with this Sunday drawing. I made a lot of mistakes on dress. Since I'm using the Paper 53 app I thought I would do a full sketch of dress. It's not perfect either, but I think it looks good enough to make it to my blog. I really needed a good sermon and fellowship this Sunday to refresh my spirit to face another week.

Made with Paper 53 app

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Journal Pages using Paper 53

 I really like the convenience of using Paper 53. I have 3 stylus: Targus, Pogo, and a Jot Adonit. The one I favor the most is the Jot. I went to our local Apple dealer and tried a different stylus on an iPad Air. It writes so much smoother. I also had my jot with me and tried it there is a huge difference with the retina display and the old iPad, however I can not upgrade at this moment so I'll keep practicing with what I have

Friday, April 25, 2014

New App: Paper 53-I think I'm in luv!

So while surfing I came across this app called paper 53. It is a space to create with digital ink. This was my very first time trying it. I think it has great potential for me. The first drawing utensil is free but the others cost a $1.99 each or you can just by the Essential Kit for  $6.99, but you still have to buy the mixer. I was so excited about buying the pencil stylus, but to my dismay my iPad 2 is obsolete. The pencil will not work with it because it does not have retina display. I still might purchase it and try it out own my husbands iPad mini. Also you can have your illustrations turn into a moleskine. Watch video - I'm in love with this, I can't wait to finish a journal.
Drawing page from paper 53 of Reading Corner in our Master bedroom

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Student Portraits

A few more student portraits. I don't get to do these much, too busy working.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April Sunday Faces

I admire all of those who can constantly post to their blog. I missed posting my Sunday Face last week, so today I'm posting two.

Blue and white shirt dress with Ann Taylor Dress

Gray Jones New York Dress

CED: Spring Wonderful Wildflower - Philadelphia Fleabane

It's Spring time and today I found this wonderful wildflower growing between the 6th and 8th grade wings of the school where I work. I couldn't help myself from picking them. I didn't have a vase so I put them in an extra coffee cup. They are so pretty, I love the way the flower petals look fuzzy. I didn't know how long they would last, so I brought them home to put on the kitchen table to enjoy.

With My Art Work

In the Kitchen

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gardener of the past

Ivy and wisteria growing on pvc pipe pergola
Once I was a gardener. I would spend time playing in the dirt, trying to make my space beautiful. Then after my last child started preschool I went to work part-time. No more gardening while the kids are gone to school. My beautiful garden became a jungle. Here are a few pictures of what it use to be. I miss gardening. The backyard of our new home needs more color.

Trellis I made from PVC pipes
Roses leading to backyard

My old garden in the fall

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Black/White and I'm Happy All Over

To be true to myself I went back to who I am on paper. I love black and white illustration. I drew this picture with pencil a couple of years ago and laid it aside, then filed it away. While looking for some old drawings to add color to I came across my pencil drawings and decided to skip coloring drawing and go back to my black and white. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Frogs

Mr. Amazon Horn Frog
So its been awhile since I added any frogs in my Froggy Chronicles. Here are two new ones. One day I will share my elegant frog collection, they just are not your common frogs. So many people get confused about what kind of frogs I collect. They are definitely not the country-bumpkin kind.

Mr. Frog Debonaire

Monday, April 7, 2014

Visiting Blick Art Supply

Yeah! We do not have a Blick Art Supply in the area where I live, but I finally got an opportunity to visit one in Roswell, GA. My husband patiently waited while I looked around. I had to choose wisely so this is what I purchased: White Sharpie, Copic Drawing Pen,  Montana Acrylic Markers - Shock Pink, Blue, Green Lt. and 4 empty refill pens. I figured with the empty markers I could choose my own colors.

Sketchbook Sunday: April 6

 I must admit it but I was very drowsy doing Worship Service. I dislike it when I get like that. My illustration did not come out the way I planned it, so I cleaned it up. Can you see the difference?

Drawing in my Moleskine

I really don't know what I want to draw in this moleskine and I find myself being an impatient artist. I want beautiful illustrations with great detail but I'm impatient. Here are a few that I attempted.
I wanted to draw my beautiful lace gloves, but I ended up with this drawing of my hand.

We celebrated by dad's and stepmother's birthday at Pappadeux.

This is what I wore to birthday, although the J. Crew dress was a different blue. The hairdo was how my daughter wore her hair.

My husband had a Plymouth Valiant 1964 push button. It was a great 2nd car that only cost us $600 dollars. We had it for many years. It went to Texas and Colorado. However over the years it started to rust and it wasn't worth $30,000 for restoration.